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LaserMat® II
Gauge 4200 5000 6000
Working Width* 3100 3500 4500
Overall Width** 5780 6580 7610
Table Height 720 720 720
Overall Height** 3100 3100 3100
Overall Length customer specific
Selectable laser power 4000 W or 6000 W
* Working width when equipped with one vertical head per plate. When fitted with multiple units the working width will be reduced correspondingly.
** The total width and height depend upon equipment and may deviate from the values given.



Plate thickness

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*Depending on the power source

- Intuitively understandable graphic interface with touch-screen control

- With the most modern data bus technology

- Fully network capable 3 level database for all cutting processes right up to consumable photos via VPN

- Fast design and nesting software with simple, clear overview for all cutting tasks which arise and also for bevel cutting.

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