The Messer Fleet

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Do you need the most modern plasma or laser technology for your factory?
Do you need a compact flat bed entry level cutting machine?
Or for expansion a highly efficient large area processing system?
Messer Cutting Systems - World of Excellence

Messer Excellence Team

Ingo Göller


We supply a complete package – in Messer quality at a unique value for money. The MetalMaster 2.0 is 100 % Messer Know-how ‘Made in Germany’.

Ingo Göller
Sebastian Bäcker


We supply a complete package – with top technology and installation. When commissioning and starting production I will be passing on my knowledge: to the new operators and production management.

Sebastian Backer
Jürgen Eitel


We supply a complete package – with full Messer Back-up. The drives, the torch lifters, the Messer Hole Technology, the entire technology is 100 % Messer.

Jürgen Eitel
Jürgen Lippert

Remote Service

We supply a complete package – with 100 % service support. I can carry out analysis of faults and function online fast and efficiently by Remote Service.

Jürgen Lippert
Dirk Stratmann

Key Account Management

We supply a complete package – with top consultancy before you buy. This starts with the machine configuration, your cutting spectrum, your production cycles right up to the location for installing the system.

Dirk Stratmann